Color stability and surface roughness of polished anterior restorative materials pulse aquí


Influence of Endodontic Sealer Composition and Time of Fiber Pos t Cementat ion on Sealer Adhesiveness to Bovine Root Dentin pulse aquí


State of the art etch-and-rinse adhesives pulse aquí


Influence of increment thickness on radiant energy and microhardness of bulkfill
resin composites pulse aquí


Investigating the Mutagenic Effects of Three Commonly Used Pulpotomy Agents Using the Ames Test pulse aquí


Reduced Antigenicity of Type I Collagen and Proteoglycans in
Sclerotic Dentin pulse aquí


Marginal fit of all-ceramic crowns fabricated using two extraoral CAD/CAM systems in comparison with the conventional technique pulse aquí


Trends in restorative composites research: what is in the future? pulse aquí


Tecnica di preparazione orientata biologicamente (BOPT). Un nuovo approccio nella preparazione protesica in...pulse aquí


Spectroscopic and Mechanical Properties of a New Generation of Bulk Fill Composites pulse aquí


Bioactive glass fillers reduce bacterial penetration into marginal gaps for composite restorations pulse aquí


Indirect composite restorations luted with two different procedures:
A ten years follow up clinical trial, 2015 - 7- 1 pulse aquí


Caso clínico realizado en la "Cátedra clínica 1, de oper fouba año 2016", pulse aquí


Occlusal Caries: Biological Approach for its Diagnosis and Management, año 2015, pulse aquí


International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Materials, ICMEM 2016, 6-10 June 2016, Nový Smokovec, Slovakia pulse aquí


Conservative Composite Restorations that Mimic Nature pulse aquí


Composite Resin Rehabilitation of Eroded Dentition in a Bulimic Patient: a Case Report pulse aquí


Restauraciones Estéticas en el sector Anterior pulse aquí


Deep Margin Elevation, indirect and direct composite restorations, a clinical case pulse aquí


Deep Martgin Elevation: A Paradigm Shift pulse aquí


Cementation of Glass-Ceramic Posterior Restorations: A Systematic Review pulse aquí


Indirect composite restorations luted with two different procedures: A ten years follow up clinical trial pulse aquí


Cross-linked dry bonding: A new etch-and-rinse techniquepulse aquí




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